My Recipe List

These recipes are the ones friends and family ask for time and again. Now I can send everyone to the website. All recipes are family tested and approved. If you like something you see, feel free to print it out or cut/paste it into a word processing document.

Dairy Free/Gluten Free Recipes - my yummiest recipes for DF/GF meals NEW
Almond Anise Biscotti - here's my secret recipe for teachers' gifts.
Almond Drops - I can get my husband to do ANYthing if I make him a batch of these. ;)
Baked Ziti - this is close to the Cook's Illustrated recipe, which is a family favorite.
Banana Bread (low fat) - I threw away all my other banana bread recipes when I found this one.
Beer Bread - An ancient recipe... I used to make this in college /g/.
Bishop's Bread - my mom made this all the time as a coffee cake. Brings back such memories!!
Black Bean, Mango and Chicken Salad - great for a cool lunch or dinner or potluck.
Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce - always a big hit wherever we take it.
Brine for a Turkey - I've done this for the last two Thanksgivings...the results are incomparable.
Caramel Apple Pie - this one won first prize at a Spring Valley Pie baking contest.
Chinese Noodle Salad - great for last minute potluck ideas
Chocolate Brownie Cookies - my favorite ingredients: brownie mix and oatmeal combined
Chocolate Cake - this rich cake was baked by Stefan's sister Siri for our wedding's bachelor's cake. People still talk about it.
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies - another fast recipe that starts with a cake mix. I always keep Devil's Food cake mix in the pantry for these cookies; they make a great bake sale item.
Chocolate Macadamia Biscotti - starts with a cake mix and goes great with cocoa
Homemade Chocolate Pudding - once you try this one.....(you know the drill)
Chocolate Truffle Cookies - next to our annual Biscotti tradition, these are our family's favorite cookies.
Cinnamon Ornaments - its a Christmas tradition around here to spend an afternoon rolling these out, baking them and giving one to everyone at Christmas. Makes a great gift tie-on.
Chicken Dijon - after using this recipe to cater a meal for 250, I just HAD to scale it down for the family. A new family favorite.
Chocolate Trifle - well actually, we call it "Chocolate Goo" around here. It's also been called "Death by Chocolate". Eat at your own risk.

Cold Brewed Coffee - I love this because the coffee is never bitter since its not heated. We always have it on hand.
Easy Key Lime Pie - when our Persian Lime tree started producing, I began collecting great recipes. This is one that never fails.
Enzo's Penne a la Vodka - if you live in Central Florida, you are familiar with Enzo's. The best Italian food around. This is their recipe, and one of the ones I use when we have friends or family over for dinner. Especially nice if you're cooking for a vegetarian, because no one else misses the meat.
Flan - too easy to be this good!
Gingersnaps - can't keep the cookie jar filled.
Greens and Garlic - this is actually 2 recipes, but you'll use them together.
Guava Bars - think 'fig newtons' but use guava paste instead.
Homemade Chicken Fingers - so easy and so tasty; forget the frozen stuff. A pizza stone is especially useful for this recipe. In fact, keep one in your oven all the time, they really work!
Hot Artichoke & Spinach Dip - from our friends at Olive Garden, always a hit at church circle meetings.
Hot Pumpkin-Cheese in a Loaf - a really different sort of dip for crackers and veggies. Always lots of complements.
Ironing recipe: if you use an iron, this is a homemade version of "Best Press" that gives you a little starch and a nice smell too.

Laundry Soap - homemade with just a few ordinary ingredients. Ditch the chemicals and eye-watering perfumes of purchased laundry detergent.
Lemongrass Tea
- a surprisingly light and refreshing summertime drink. No caffeine, low sugar and lots of health benefits!
Non- Recipes - great stuff, don't really need to follow a recipe.. I'll keep adding as I think of things.
Overnight Spinach Manicotti - the best part is... you don't have to cook the pasta first
Pastafrola - my new favorite cake; from our Latin friends. It has a middle layer of guava paste.
Pasta e Fagioli - just like the one from Olive Garden.
Pink Hummus - I had a plethora of beets from the week's organic produce delivery. This version of hummus has a very "interesting" pink color, but if you get past that, boy is it a good dip.
Pumpkin Cake - easy because it starts with a cake mix
Refrigerator Gingerbread - mix it up once, and keep the covered bowl of dough in the frig for up to a month. Or make it all at once. I use a bit at a time, because I like it warm out of the oven.
Rum Balls - we made these cookies again this Christmas and I had forgotten how yummy they were.

Sloppy Joes - this works at home for 4 or at church for 100 or more. The recipe is easy to scale. NEW
Southwest Pasta Salad -a colorful cold pasta salad with lots of veggies and protein.
Spinach Balls - these are best right out of the oven. Don't bother traveling with them unless they are cooked in the oven at the destination. Boy, are they tasty. I bake up a few on my pizza stone with fish sticks or chicken fingers as one of our veggies.
Sweet Potato Gnochi with Brown Butter & Sage - I dreamt about this divine dish the night after I made it.
Tomato & Clam Linguini - easy meal for 2 or 10. Always gets compliments.
Tropical Chicken Salad - made this for lunch recently for my quilting group....lots of "yums". Can't wait to make it again.
Zucchini Muffins - originally from Jane Brody's Good Food Book, they are unbelievably moist and flavorful. Could possibly be my favorite muffin of all times. Be sure not to use more zucchini than the recipe calls for. My sister mentioned the other day that this recipe continues to be her fave, hands down.